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This informational guide has been provided by the Summers Creek Board of Directors in conjunction with the Summers Creek Architectural Review Committee (ARC) for the purpose of assisting homeowners in making exterior changes to their properties within the HOA’s guidelines.

Definition and Purpose

The Architectural Review Committee is a group of homeowner volunteers assigned by the HOA Board to review proposed exterior changes to properties for compliance with the Covenants Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs). In this capacity, the ARC works to ensure a high level of aesthetic quality within the subdivision toward the preservation of property values.

The ARC derives its authority from the CC&R through the Board of Directors. Because Summers Creek is a deed restricted community, making regulated exterior changes to a property without ARC approval is a violation of the CC&Rs. The regulations stated in the CC&Rs are enforced by the Board.

How The ARC Works

Upon receipt of a written request for ARC approval from a homeowner, the ARC Chair reviews the request in light of CC&R regulations. If the item is a standard request for which many requests have been granted for the same thing previously, the Chair will reply back to the homeowner in writing that their request is approved. If the request is for a non-standard item, unless it is specifically prohibited by the CC&Rs, it is circulated to other ARC Committee members for their review and approval before a response is issued. If a majority of the Committee approves, the Chair will notify the homeowner of the approval in writing. If the requested change requires a permit or the observance of other applicable local regulations (e.g., zoning setback requirements), the approval notification from the ARC will state that approval is contingent upon obtaining a permit or complying with the applicable regulations. Homeowners may appeal the decision of the ARC directly to the Board of Directors (SCHOA). The Board's decision will be final.

Examples of What Requires ARC Approval

  • Exterior Property Color changes

  • Roof replacement

  • Sheds

  • Screen enclosures

  • Swimming Pools

  • Driveway widening

  • Driveway or walkway pavers

  • Mass plantings

  • Structural Additions or Modifications

  • Fences & Walls

  • Lawn lamps

  • Mailboxes

Note: The above list is for example reference only and is not necessarily complete. Please consult the ARC on any exterior changes in advance to avoid potential problems. Items requiring ARC approval are determined by the Board in accordance with Article II of the CC&Rs. The complete CC&Rs can be referenced online at under the Governing Documents tab. When referencing the CC&Rs, remember to check its amendments for the most current coverage of any topic.

Repainting your home is a personal decision and one not taken lightly. It is also a major investment in time and money. The ARC wants to work with you to make the selection and approval process as easy as possible. To help with this process, and to assure that there is some degree of consistency throughout our community, the Summers Creek HOA has developed a palette with community-acceptable coordinated body and trim colors. For homeowners who wish to repaint their home in the same color, the process is easy. Repainting a home in the exact same color does not require ARC approval unless a previous color change was applied without first getting ARC approval. However, the process takes slightly more effort if the homeowner wishes to change the color of their home. In these cases, you must contact our ARC to obtain approval to change colors and to insure that the colors that are decided upon fit within the general theme of our community. To start, here is what our covenants state about painting the exterior of your home:

Article II, Section 4 (Third Amendment), Exterior Covering, Siding and Paint - “…All Exterior Elevations, materials and Paint colors, for the main body of the residence as well as the trim and doors, shall be first approved by ARC. The main body color shall all be of a uniform monochromatic subdued tone. Trim and door colors may be brighter or darker, but shall be first approved by the ARC before being applied. Painting any part of a residence, including the door or trim, with colors that have not been approved shall be considered a violation and may result in fines and liens as provided elsewhere in this Declaration.”

The ARC is very flexible in working with homeowners in choosing colors. The HOA just doesn’t want a home to be painted in a color that is out of character with other homes in Summers Creek. To help with color selections, the HOA has developed a color palette to assist the homeowner in getting a general idea on colors that may be desirable for their home. A copy of this palette is provided on this link. These sample color schemes are intended to give homeowners a general feel for colors that may interest them. The ARC chair has a book with the actual color chips. Unfortunately, there is only one book so if the homeowner wishes to see the actual color chip, arrangements must be made with the ARC chair to see the book. However, the Summers Creek HOA exterior palette will provide you with colors that approximate the actual colors seen on the color chip. Further, the HOA has also been working with several of the local major paint stores (e.g., Home Depot, Lowe’s, and Sherwin-Williams) to provide homeowners with an index showing the “paint store” number that equates to the HOA’s color chips. The stores can provide you with a sample of the color that you can use on a section of your home to determine whether or not the color is the one you want. Here is a link to the Summers Creek HOA exterior color palette. When you are looking at these color selections in the comfort of your home or elsewhere, keep in mind that colors that appear on a computer screen or on a color printer should not be considered an indication of how the actual paint chip will look on your property. This data is provided as a general idea on the colors that have been previously approved and used in our community. This list is not static but will continue to grow as other colors are approved. If you would like to discuss the repainting of your home, or review the book, please send an to the ARC (arc at or phone 321-872-7462. The book will also be available at regular monthly Board meetings.

We realize not every homeowner will want to choose exclusively from these recommended colors. Homeowners should submit their chosen color chips to our Architectural Review Committee for prior approval. The HOA approved color palette will be used as a basis for approving your desired palette to ensure it fits within the overall scheme of things desired for our community as a whole. After ARC approval, this new palette will be considered for inclusion in the SCHOA community-wide palette book and be available for consideration by other homeowners who desire to repaint their home.

Not all colors will work on all homes. Please consider the color of your roof as well as your window frames, fascia boards, gutters, and downspouts, etc.

A homeowner may not repaint their home in the exact color as the homes on either side of the property to be repainted. Homes that do not comply with this requirement that were painted in the same color as the property on either side are grandfathered if they were painted prior to September 1, 2015.

How To Contact The ARC

The ARC Chair can be reached by calling 321-872-7462 or sending an email to Architectural Review Committee (ARC)

Guidelines for Preparation of ARC Requests

  • Your request to the ARC can be an email or letter to P.O. Box address requesting review and approval of (example: color change, shed, fence, etc.) for my property at (your address).

  • Requests for home exterior color changes need to include either the actual or scanned paint color swatches for the body of the house and the trim colors, including the door. Repainting in the existing color does not require ARC approval unless your previous color change was not approved.

  • Requests for proposed additions of items like sheds, fences, screen enclosures, etc. need to include the following specifications:

      1. The physical description, including: the type of material, finish and color with a photograph or an accurate artist depiction of the item.

      2. The physical dimensions, including: height, width, depth.

      3. The proposed location on the property using a hand drawn, approximate scale diagram or an annotated property survey that clearly shows the item’s location relative to property lines, underground utilities, plumbing and sprinkler systems.

  • Some items may require additional information. In most cases, product specifications can be obtained online from the supplier or manufacturer of your item.

  • Requests for mass plantings need to list the type of plants, their full grown height and a site plan showing where they will be located on the property.

  • Requests for structural additions need to include the finalized, county approved architectural plans.

How to Submit a Request to the ARC

Requests may be emailed to Architectural Review Committee (ARC) or mailed to P.O. 540833 Merritt Island, FL 32954-0833.

NOTE: In the event there is a conflict between this document and the CC&Rs, the CC&Rs will control.

Online ARC Approval Log

ARC Approval Log