Important Local Contact Information

Trash Pickup

Our waste pickup is subcontracted to Waste Management for trash/waste pickups.

Pickup Schedule

  • Monday and Thursday: regular trash pickup

  • Friday: Recycle/Yard waste pickup (in personal container or piles less than 3 cubic yards)

Guidelines on Yard debris pickup

  • if yard debris is generated by a contractor or lawn maintenance company, they need to haul these away.

  • If yard debris is less than 3 cubic yards (loose yard waste such as leaves, twigs, small branches, and grass) need to be stored inside a personal container of 40 gal max size, no more than 50lbs when full, for regular Friday pickup. Under no circumstances should plastic bags or the WM Garbage or Recycle Carts used for Yard Waste. Piles of less than 3 cubic yards will also be picked up on regular Friday pickup.

  • If yard debris is more than 3 cubic yards it requires a claw truck for pickup, and each homeowner is responsible for calling Waste Management to schedule a pickup at (321) 636-6894. Same number is also used for any other bulk pickup scheduling.

If you have any issues with Waste Management, you can contact Brevard County Solid Waste Management, who supervises Waste Management at (321) 633-2042.

Holiday Schedule (no pickup)

  • New Year's Day

  • Memorial Day

  • Independence Day

  • Labor Day

  • Thanksgiving Day

  • Christmas Day

Missed pickups

For missed pickups, please call (321) 636-6894 or log in to the Waste Management website and "Report Missed Pickup" to schedule a pickup.

To Report missed pickups to Brevard County, who admins WM, please use

For more information, please visit